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Do you offer a free version?

You can definitely try FormKeep for FREE!

See all the plan details to see all the great features included.

When you sign up, you are immediately put on a...

  • Do you offer a free version?21 June 2021

Does FormKeep have Double Opt-in?

FormKeep introduces a new feature for your growing email lists: the double opt-in.

FormKeep under its Email Campaign feature offers a verification email when someone new...

  • Does FormKeep have Double Opt-in?21 June 2021

I've set up a webhook! Now what?

Awesome. Now let the submissions roll in! Every time a submission comes through, we’ll forward that over to your webhook as well. If we encounter any issues, we’ll reach out...

  • I've set up a webhook! Now what?21 June 2021

What if I'm not satisfied?

It happens! And that’s totally fine, no hard feelings.

You can always switch to our free plan if you would like a simple solution for your forms.

You can...

  • What if I'm not satisfied?21 June 2021

How do I change my email address?

You can change your email address from your ‘Account’ on the top right corner of the page.

From this menu you can also update your password...

  • How do I change my email address?21 June 2021

Can I submit forms with AJAX?

Yes, we accept Cross Origin Requests and by submitting the form using javascript you can display your own ux or message when the submission is complete. We’ve built a small...

  • Can I submit forms with AJAX?21 June 2021