How Do I Set-Up A Double Opt In Does This Need To Be Done With My Email Provider?

To help protect your submissions from Spam, you can enable a verification email. Sometimes this is called a confirmed opt-in or double opt-in email.

When someone submits your form, we send them an email asking them to confirm they can receive emails first. They’ll have to click the link at the bottom of the email to verify that they got it and wanted to receive emails from you.

FormKeep will not send any other notification emails, Google Sheets, Slack or other integrations to you until they do. Once they verify, then all the normal actions will happen with that submission and you’ll get notified of their information.

In your inbox you will see a small icon indicating which submissions are not yet verified.

To set up double-opt ins, you may use the verification emails feature by heading over to Notifications > Send Verification Emails (or this link) and get started with verifying your email campaigns.

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