How can I get email monthly receipts?

You can send copies of your FormKeep receipts directly to an email address.

First, go to your ‘Account’ on the top right corner of the page.

  • How can I get email monthly receipts?25 June 2021

How much does FormKeep cost?

We offer a free plan the moment you create a FormKeep account! You can upgrade for more features from $4.99/form for the Essential Plan, and $6.50/form for the Professional plan,...

  • How much does FormKeep cost?24 June 2021

Can I use FormKeep forms for an email newsletter?

Absolutely! We currently have Campaigns feature in FormKeep to create your email newsletter. You can also opt to use webhooks as well.

We also recommend an email marketing automation platform,...

  • Can I use FormKeep forms for an email newsletter?23 June 2021

What is FormKeep Email Campaigns?

FormKeep releases a new feature that allows you to send single emails to your submissions. Welcome to Email Campaigns!

A bit of a quick run on...

  • What is FormKeep Email Campaigns?23 June 2021