General Questions

Answer: FormKeep is a cloud-based forms automation solution, which assists web designers, marketing teams, and customer specialists with tools for data collection and file uploads. It provides an endpoint for data submissions and a way to create a form without much code!
Answer: Yes! FormKeep has native integrations through Zapier and Integrately that allow you to connect to over 3000+ applications your business is using and would want to use.
Answer: FormKeep allows you to collect all kinds of data and put it in one place. You can also build your email newsletter, capture sales leads, and setup responses for customers and internal ends for all kinds of feedback for your business.

Billing Questions

Answer: Yes! FormKeep offers a free plan where you can collect 50 submissions, daily notifications, and a 1 month retention for the data collection. The free plan allows for unlimited forms!
Answer: We offer a free plan the moment you create a FormKeep account! You can upgrade for more features from $4.99/form for the Essential Plan, and $6.50/form for the Professional plan, and $5.90/form for the Premium plan. If you have more forms than that, our higher tiers provide a lower cost per form. We also have a single form-to-email plan that might be useful if you're just getting started.
Answer: While we do not offer billing invoices, you can send copies of your FormKeep receipts directly to an email address! It's that easy!

Support Questions

Answer: Yes! FormKeep allows you to design your forms. You can go to the Form Designer tab where you can use drag and drop to create a form and get a public URL that you can point your customers to collect the information you need. Online form creation in seconds!
Answer: We use a variety of different techniques to reduce and protect your forms from spam. Make sure you've enabled Detect spam using submission data, honey fields and hidden fields that require a unique value and disregard any submissions that are the default value!
Answer: Yes! FormKeep has the Teams feature that allows you to grant access to a specific form to another team member. Here you can edit permission, provide visibility, and view only collaborators!


Answer: Yes, we accept Cross Origin Requests and by submitting the form using javascript you can display your own ux or message when the submission is complete.

We've built a small js library that can make this super simple and have also provided some examples using common js libraries in this guide. Please reach out to support if you need any help troubleshooting it.
Answer: You can export a CSV file of your data under the Report tab. Allowing you get a snapshot of the latest collection of submissions for your form. Or, you can use the FormKeep API to query your form’s submission data if HTTP and JSON are more your thing.