Google Sheets Integrations

It’s possible to have the data from your website directly update a Google Sheet spreadsheet that you own.

It only takes three easy steps to get setup:

1. Connect your account from Google Sheets

Under the Data Integrations tab of the form you want to connect, select the account, spreadsheet to use, and the specific tab to load the data into

In the first row of the spreadsheet, set the field names that you’d like to include.

2. That’s it!

The next time someone submits your form the data will be saved directly in the spreadsheet. No more manual exporting needed!

3. Pro Tips

Make sure the first column is set to formkeep_id, this will insure that new records are always added to the end of the spreadsheet.

If you want the existing data in the spreadsheet, you can export the current information from the Reports tab and copy it into the spreadsheet. Make sure to update the formkeep_id, formkeep_ip, formkeep_created_at column names to match. New record will be appended to the end of the sheet when they come in.

When you first create the connected worksheet, If it’s an empty spreadsheet, and you already have some submissions, you can select the Replace the first row of the worksheet with the current field names checkbox to automatically fill in the field names

Alternatively, if you copy the fields to the clipboard using the button, you can paste them into the sheet, and then use the Google Sheet menu item Data->Split text into columns to automatically separate them