Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Campaigns enable you to manage and send marketing emails. An explanation of each of the left hand side tabs and options is below


A list of your current Campaigns are displayed. Clicking the title of the campaign will allow you to make changes to campaigns that have not been sent yet.

  • All statuses: search filter
  • Search: searches all fields in all email campaigns for matching value. For example, can search for email subject name, content, etc
  • New three day campaign 3 day campaign: make and manage a 3 day email campaign. Click on a hyperlink and then “edit” to edit the title, subject, content of the email
  • New Single Email Create a new campaign email


View engagement statistics of your emails, such as number of emails sent, open rate, etc.


Contacts are created from your form submissions. See the Setting tab to import existing submissions, or to manually import a list.

Contacts can be in different states as described below

  • Undeliverable - last time we tried to send to them it failed for some reason.
  • Unsubscribed - the contact manually indicated that they wanted to be unsubscribed from your list
  • Disabled - you manually disabled this contact through the ui
  • Active - Valid email that will receive emails from your Campaigns

New Single email

Send out a single email to a group of contacts.

Here you can specify the email/template to send as well as which Segment to send the mail to.

The Email Body can take simple Markdown formatted emails, fulling formatted HTML content, or one of the Templates created using our Email Editor.


Create templates for ready formatting of campaign emails

Can create new ones from scratch, or create new ones starting with an existing templates.


You can created separate segments of your Contact list by specifying a rule that filters based on some attribute of your Contact.

The contact will have the fields from your form saved in them and you can use this to include or exclude certain people from the Segment.

You can then use the Segment when creating Single Emails or Campaigns.

To comply with Spam rules we require an address that will be including in the emails that we send out on your behalf.


You can enable and disable the conversion of Form Submissions to Contacts here.

Additionally, you can import contact lists and data via a csv file. You must have a column called email to load. Optionally you can include other columns just as name or anything else and those attributes will also be loaded into the Contact record for use in Segmenting or providing additional information in the Email itself.

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